Reformed University Ministries

This Committee is charged to fully participate in behalf of the Presbytery in the Florida Joint Committee of RUF. Each Presbytery in Florida is an equal member of the Joint Committee and responsible to participate in its work in the following areas:

  • To determine the needs of campus ministry within the boundaries of the Presbyteries and to inform the Presbyteries, and to determine priorities of new ministries.
  • To prepare local campus ministries’ budgets and the overall budget for approval.
  • To inform the churches and people of the Presbyteries, of campus ministries-its purpose, progress, and needs.
  • To organize new ministries on campuses and to seek out and train qualified staff for these ministries.
  • To initiate the call for campus ministers by Presbyteries.
  • To advise and supervise the campus ministry being carried out within its bounds.

This Committee’s membership shall be no less than three nor more than five members (TE or RE), elected for three year terms.

This Committee shall report directly to the Presbytery concerning the work of the Joint Committee and to present any appropriate matters to the Presbytery.