Mission to North America

This committee is charged with leading the Presbytery in evangelism and the development of new congregations within the Presbytery. Teaching Elders of new church developments are under its oversight. Members of Mission works prior to particularization are also under the oversight of this committee.

These responsibilities shall be executed through the following activities:

  • Making recommendations for strategic target areas for church planting.
  • Prosecuting calls to evangelists/organizing pastors to develop new churches.
  • Stimulating the churches of Presbytery to develop daughter churches.
  • Making recommendations of financial aid in the establishment of mission churches having need.
  • Providing guidance and advice to mission churches and organizing pastors.
  • Developing and coordinating programs to be used by the churches of Presbytery to promote evangelism and church vitality.

The Southwest Florida Presbytery is part of the Florida Church Planting Network to coordinate our church planting efforts.