Examination Committee

The Committee shall be charged with the examination of those candidates who wish to be licensed, ordained and/or in any manner admitted into presbytery membership.

a)  All those seeking to be examined by the committee shall supply to the committee in a timely manner (as determined by the committee) a paper stating their beliefs concerning the following subjects:

  • the Inspiration and Canonicity of Scripture
  • the Doctrine of the Trinity
  • the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
  • the candidates view of the continuation of the sign gifts
  • the Five Points of Calvinism (with attention to the extent of the atonement)
  • the Doctrine of the Church (including the proper recipients of the sacraments)
  • the Role of Women in the Church (including the issue of their ordination to church office)
  • the Doctrine of Creation (including the candidates view of Genesis One)

The written statement may be on a form provided by the Committee, and shall as well set out with specificity any and all exceptions to the Westminster Standards or the Book of Church Order he holds.

A copy of this paper shall be provided to Presbytery together with the report of the committee.

b) The committee shall conduct all examinations in accordance with the applicable stipulations of the Book of Church Order.

c) If the committee determines that it cannot recommend a man to presbytery for a floor exam, the man himself, or the body calling him, may request that the committee present the man without its recommendations. The committee shall always accede to such a request, and report to the presbytery its reasons for not making recommendations.

d) In the case of a man being called to a particular work, the Committee shall determine whether the call generally conforms to the requirements of the Constitution, shall review its financial and other material terms and make an appropriate recommendation to Presbytery regarding the same.

e) The Committee shall lead the floor exam before presbytery according to the following time constraints:

  • In each area of exam stipulated by the BCO, the committee designated examiner will be given up to five minutes to examine the candidate.
  • The candidate then may be examined for up to fifteen minutes from the floor in each area.
  • The time limit can be extended by a simple majority of Presbytery.

f) The committee shall consult with the candidate and those issuing the call before they nominate to Presbytery the commission to ordain and/or install the one who is approved by Presbytery.

g) Before a particular church or presbytery committee issues a call to a licentiate to be ordained as a Teaching Elder, his name shall be submitted to the committee for consideration. A particular church or presbytery committee may prosecute the call before Presbytery, even though this committee disapproves.