Intra-Presbytery Dialogue on Assessment

This past Saturday, at the regularly stated meeting of the Southwest Florida Presbytery, we hosted what we hope to be the first in a series of discussions about topics of importance to the presbytery. This first dialogue centered on the role of the MNA Assessment Center in assessing the readiness and preparation of a potential church planter. The healthy dialogue featured initial presentations of two of the teaching elders in our presbytery, Steve Casselli and Tim Rice, followed by an open discussion and Q&A time. The notes from those two presentations are below.

A Principles Argument Against Requiring Assessment
On the Value of Assessment









3 thoughts on “Intra-Presbytery Dialogue on Assessment”

  1. As a member of this presbytery, I was impressed with the tone of the discussion and the clarity of perspective each presenter gave. I agree with TE Rice that the MNA Assessment Center is not a “parachurch” entity. I think it is a helpful tool for potential church planters. Unless I missed something, neither the church planting network in Central Florida nor our presbytery MNA committee has a written policy stipulating local funds are only available to “MNA assessment” participants. I regret the perception that “lines were drawn.” I believe our Lord will bring good from the experience that provoked this discussion. Thank you Steve and Tim.

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