Dr. Paul Kooistra on Missions

Dr. Paul Kooistra, coordinator for Mission to the World, spoke on missions at the February meeting of the Southwest Florida Presbytery, including preaching a sermon on Acts 1:1-9. Both his sermon and his seminar are available here.

  •       1. Sermon on Acts 1:1-9

Note: The seminar has a brief silent period due to technical difficulties at about the 2 minute mark.


2 Responses to “Dr. Paul Kooistra on Missions”

  1. Andrew lamb Says:

    Could I get a copy of this to use as a missionary
    I want to play it for churches I am speaking at and this would be very helpful to me
    How do I get from hearing it to getting a copy of it?

  2. Steve Jeantet Says:

    You should be able to save the file directly by right clicking the link and selecting “save as”

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